12 Reasons Why Your Child Needs the Arts!

Here at Muzique, we believe that every child and adult (it's never too late to start) should be exposed to the arts as soon as possible! Experts say the sooner the better since music and the arts has such a big impact one children in the early stages of their lives. Besides the fun obvious reasons for having the creative arts in your children's lives, here are 12 more reasons:

1. Music unlocks the creative spirit in children

2. Art allows for expressive creativity within young children

3. Drama can provide space for exploration of emotions

4. The creative arts help child to discover the unique qualities in themselves

5. Playing a musical instrument improves fine motor skills

6. Dance encourages movement in a time where kids are stuck on the couch

7. Music allows for expression of self and emotions

8. The creative arts’ skills are often precursors for life and other motor skills

9. Theater exposes children to unknown experiences

10. Dance assists with spatial awareness at a young age


11. The creative arts increase social skills when introduced at an early age

12. Children exposed to the creative arts at a young age are statistically proven to excel in school and other activities.



So there ya go, 12 reasons why your child needs the arts! It's scientifically proven that when children are exposed to the arts at a very young age, they will succeed socially, academically, and emotionally. Comment below with ways that you, your children, or someone you know has been impacted by the arts and share this with someone who could benefit from having the arts in their life!

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