5 Ways to Incorporate Music into your Day

At some point during the day, every single person experiences some form of music. You know exactly what I am talking about so let’s start with the obvious so we can get the embarrassment out of the way:

singing in the shower.jpg

1. Singing in the shower

Don’t pretend it doesn’t happen… EMBRACE IT! The shower is your stage and it’s healthy to express yourself and sing it out loud!

singing car.jpg

2. Turn off that talk radio and turn on the jams!

I’m not talking about stations that play music and then talk and then play music and talk etc… I’m talking about itunes or pandora or, wait for it… PUT IN A CD (GASP!). Singing in the car will help to relieve stress and clear your mind for the day ahead of you!

3. Listen to music at work!

Especially if you’re in a cubicle. One earphone in, or speakers on low… either way, let the tunes fly! It's proven to help you work faster and can even help some people increase their focus.


4. Sing what you say!

May seem silly but music processes differently than speech, so maybe try singing some of what you’re saying during the day to see if you can not only get a fews smiles and laughs, but maybe make a change in how they process what you’re saying.

5. Sing to your little ones!

Do you have a little one in your life? Try singing to them more during the day… Sing directions, sing a storybook, sing sequences, sing everything! Children tend to remember orders of events and directions better through song so trust us, TRY IT OUT!

So there ya go! Make a conscious effort this week to think before you speak (might help in more than just this way ;P) and sing it instead! You might bring a few smiles to some faces and change a few people’s day! Make it a “Muzique-al” week and sing your heart out, kid! Let us know another way you bring music into your day in the comments below!

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