An Organized Space Brings a Smile to my Face!

We all know how hard it is to stay organized. You go to Target and you buy all of the cutest drawers and files and bulletin boards. You take them to your work space and you get everything all set up. You put everything in the Pinterest Perfect spot and your space is photo ready. You keep your space nice and neat for a week or so and then you slowly start to make exceptions: "I'll sit this here" or "I'll file that later" or "The world won't end if I just leave this out". Before you know it, your desk is a mess again!

You may not realize it, but the key to organization is consistency. What? YES. Staying consistent with your organizing is the best way to keep your space organized. We all understand that in the chaos of a busy day your work space can get cluttered. The key is to set aside 10-15 minutes at the end of everyday to reorganize your space before you leave. If you let it go too long, you're going to just have to start reorganizing from the beginning all over again!

In my music space, I have a few secrets to organization that help me to save space and to know exactly where everything is:


1. Wall shelves- Stop right now and look at all of the wall space in your office. Imagine shelves filling up all of that empty space. Then think about lifting everything off your floor and putting it on those shelves. You cannot imagine how big a difference a few shelves will make to organize your space and reduce clutter on the ground.


2. Cube shelves- These things are the best. You can choose to use storage bins or you can use the cube space as a regular shelf. There are so many creative bins that you can buy to pop some color or uniqueness into your space!




3. Wall hooks- This is great especially if you have guitars, ukuleles, flat drum,  or other small instruments. Hanging items on your walls, similar to wall shelves, saves you tons of floor space and makes for a great option for decor as well.




4. Clear, labeled storage bins- Using your amazing shelves, grab some different-sized storage bins and fill them up! Power cords, extra tools, cables, etc. Avoid using bags or boxes. With clear bins, you can label them and know exactly what is in each bin. I suggest you get the lids, especially if they are at hands-reach, but I usually leave the lids off for easy access.


5. Bookshelves with adjustable shelves- Bookshelves are of course a great source of storage and organization, but the best ones to buy are the ones with adjustable shelf heights. You can leave some out to create taller spaces or you can add them higher to create small, tight shelves. The possibilities are endless!

These are just a few ways that you can organize your space, but we know there are so many more! We want to know your secrets to space saving and organization!


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There are many, many ways to organize your space, so we would love to hear yours! Comment down below with a way that you keep your space organized!