In-Home vs. In-Studio


One of the newest form of therapy is E-therapy where you can receive therapy from the comfort of your home or even bed via internet chat (check out our blog about E-therapy here!), but before E-therapy, in-home therapy was the way to get access to therapists without leaving your home. In-home therapies provide opportunities to families and individuals who may not otherwise be able to leave their homes for one reason or another. There are many benefits to in-home therapy besides not having to leave your home, so here are just a few:

1. For those who cannot physically leave their homes- In-home therapy provides therapy to those who may be home bound for any reason. 

2. Transition issues- When a client may not be able to leave their home or transition from one location to another, in-home therapy provides a space to start that could eventually lead to transition being a goal. Transitioning from one place to another is often something that those with autism tend to struggle with. Allowing for services to start in-home with the goal of moving to a center or studio leads to success instead of forced transitioning.

3. Comfort/Stability- Some clients may just simply not be comfortable outside of their home. Similar to transitioning, the ultimate goal would be for the client to come to a studio or center in the near future as the comfort and trust increases.

4. Time/Scheduling Savings for the parent/guardian- Having in-home services of any kind allows the parents or guardians time to get things done around the house or just take a breathe while the client is occupied by therapy. Often with special needs or physically handicapped individuals, parents and caretakers do not get much time to themselves to relax or get chores done. 

Obviously there are many, many benefits to in-home services, regardless of the individuals personal need for them, but there are also benefits to in-studio services as well. Here are just a few:

1. Separate spaces- Providing services in a separate space from home allows for the client to differentiate between work space and home space.

2. Geeting out of the house- With all of today's technology it is often not necessary to leave your house, even if you're more than capable of doing so: Groceries ordered online and delivered, Amazon, eBay, Wish, video games, online shopping, chatrooms, etc. Having services in a studio space provides the opportunity for families or individuals to get out of the house.

3. Transitioning- As mentioned above, transitioning is often a struggle for those with Autism or other behavioral disorders. Having services in a separate place that involve driving or walking allows for goals to be worked on both inside and outside of therapy. Though in-home may be a good place to start, transitioning is something that can be slowly worked on.

4. New and different atmospheres- Often children or adults with special needs have difficulty not just transitioning, but being in new places as well. Having services in one or several different buildings allows for clients to adjust and experience new and different locations or atmospheres that may effect the senses, like new sounds, sight, smells and feels. The more places some clients get to go for services, the better they are able to adjust when they are suddenly thrown or entered in yet another new space.

5. More instruments or tools often available in-studio than in-home- Many music therapists that provide in-home services travel with a carry bag or simple tote cart with instruments from their collections. When treated in-studio, clients get to have access to more instruments and tools that they may not get to have in-home or may not be portable.

These are just a few benefits for both in-home and in-studio, providing a comparitive look into options for parents/guardians. Luckily for you, Muzique offers both in-home or in-studio. Our studio is located in Woodbury, NJ and we have therapists throughout most of New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area, giving you the chance to choose the option that is best suited for the individual you are seeking services for and that you know best! If you would like to learn a little bit more about what we offer in your area or if we are able to provide experiences to you (we are always looking to expand!), please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you find what's best for your specific individual! (Get on it soon while we are running a special!)

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