Making Reading Cool Again!


We all know that the only way to keep our brains active and engaged is to keep learning new things. And what better way to learn something new than to read a book?!? Books are an essential component to learning, but we all know how hard it is to stay committed to a book and follow through with reading. Well we have the solution: The Muzique Therapy Book Club! 

Our book club is not only a great place for additional resources, but it will also be a source of accountability and community while working though reading books that relate to the therapy field. Why should you join? We're glad you asked!

Reason #1: Accountability- Using both the Facebook Group and other resouces online, the other members of the book club will help you stay accountable and finish books in a reasonable time (one book per month).

Reason #2: Community- This book club will help bring therapists of all differnt walks of life together with one mutual goal: Continuing education. We will all work together to grasp ccomplex concepts, learn about one another's field, see how we can work together, and compare and contrast what we do individually.

Reason #3: Continuing Education- Although while practicing we are always receiving and taking in new knowledge and experiences, it is important to actively pursue continuing education by not only attending conferences and workshops, but through reading and peer groups. (In the near future this will be worth CMTE credits, so make sure to join our Muzique Therapy Book Club Facebook Page now to get notified!)

Reason #4: Networking- In the therapy field, there are always opportunities to connect and network with others within and outside of your specific field of practice. On of the many benefits of The Muzique Therapy Book club is that it will be open to all therapists of different fields. There are plenty of groups to network with other Music Therapists specifically, but this group will help to further your knowledge and expand your insight into all aspects of treatment, therapy and other topics that are pertinent to the therapy field.

There are so many reason to keep expanding your knowledge when it comes to therapy and actively practicing. The Muzique Therapy Book Club will help you to be accountible, be a part of a growing community, continue your education, and network, all while reading worth-while books and novels related to the therapy field! We will be launching officially sometime in the summer, but the Facebook group is live now to begin discussion, book suggestions, conversations about books and topics and anything else related to books and reading! Go to the Muzique Therapy Book Club Facebook Page to make sure you're in the know for when we officially launch the book club!

In the meantime, make sure you get a spot on our list so you can be the first to find out when we announce the book of the month and official launch. This is your group too so please take the survey here to give your input and grab your spot in the group!

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