Shake it like you mean it!


Egg shakers. Those go-to instruments we all know and love. So much to do with them but not enough time right? Or maybe you’re even feeling kind of stuck with the same stuff? Well here are a few more ideas for you to expand on and to have in your back pocket:

1. Make up a song about WHERE to shake the egg- “To the windowww, to the wall, to the wall!” Ok well that’s as far as you can take that specific song, but you can easily make up a song that instructs the clients on what direction to shake the eggs. Ceiling, floor, window, wall, whiteboard, poster, door, or any other landmark in your room!

2. Create a song about HOW to shake the egg- Fast, slow, hard, soft, gentle, rough, regular, etc. This allows children to exercise body control while changing the tempo of the music.

3. Write a song about specific colors of the eggs- Give each child a different color shaker. Through a song, call out a color and ask just the children with that color to shake. You can go through each color individually and then you can go through a second round combining two colors.

4. Compose a song about passing an egg- Using phrases like “pass it to the left” or “pass it to the right” and “now go the other way”, giving clear instruction. You can speed up or slow down your song to add a little bit of a challenge!

5. Pre-recorded song- Laurie Berkner’s “I Know a Chicken” is a fantastic song for children to follow directions. With a pre-recorded song, the therapist can fully hands on participate in the activity with the clients. Although pre-recorded music is not always best, sometimes it is beneficial!

There are so many more ways to incorporate egg shakers into your sessions but these are just a few! We would love to hear how you use them in your sessions in the comments below!

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