Super Bowl Madness!

superbowl game.jpg

I have to admit, I am not at all a football fan whatsoever. But by living in Eagle country, it is becoming more and more difficult to pretend that I don't care about who will win this game on Sunday. It's very hard to not get caught up in the hype of hoping that the hometown heros will come out on top! Since my students and clients are excited about the big game, and the school is all about it this week with spirit days and all kinds of crazy events and disruptions, I felt like it was best to bring the spirit of the game into the music room.


My students have all learned how to read color-coded sheet music, so I created a color-coded version of the Eagle's Victory song for our activity this week. I allowed each class to choose what instruments they would like to use to play the song: Boomwhackers, chime bars, glockenspiels, push bells, hand bells, or pianos. Once selected, we work on either everyone working together to play the whole piece, or I assign one color to each student and we work as an ensemble. This works on social skills by having the students communicate and listen to each other, academic skills by having the students work on reading the notes as well as the lyrics, and motor skills by having the students play their instruments. 

superbowl game.jpg

For all you parents, singing your favorite team's fight song with them or drumming out some jams to get ready for the game is an awesome way to incorporate music into the busy day! Think of creating a celebration dance for touchdowns, or a few cheers for big plays. Dance your pants off during the halftime show! There are so many ways to bring music into game day and help your child to enjoy the game just a little bit more.

We want to know how you have used to music or plan to use music in celebrating the Super Bowl or other sports events! Share your creativity in the comments below!

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