Make it a Boomwhacker kind of day!


We've all at one point or another taken that empty paper towel roll or toilet paper roll and tapped it on the counter to hear that hollow, boomy sound. Whether you want to admit it or not, you've done it. You're not the only one. At some point someone realized "Hey... this paper towel roll and this toilet paper roll have different pitches. Let's cut some more up and mess with this a little." and BOOM (literally), the Boomwhacker concept was born. If you knew how to read sheet music you could play any song out there. Then someone even MORE intelligent came along and said "Let's make them all different colors so anyone can read the music and play!", and that's how the Boomwhackers came to life.

PARENTS! Do you have boys who beat each other up with anything they can find? Have you had a toy chucked at your head during a temper tantrum? Looking to entertain for hours without much effort? Invest in these for your home! Safe to use as a sword (and musically a fun fight). They will save you a headache (maybe literally). They are so inexpensive. Go get a set!

I'm telling you, in my music therapy groups, these Boomwhackers have so many uses. Obviously, first off, they are a bunch of fun. You can hit literally anything and the sound doesn't change. Your head, the wall, a cow, a door knob, an alien... it literally doesn't matter. NOTHING CHANGES! And a bonus, they don't really hurt if you get hit with one (or if you get one chucked at your head by a student... not speaking from experience or anything). Second, they are easy to use. You hit it. On anything as I said before. That's it. Can't get more simple than that. Third, they are adaptable. You can buy (or even make) adaptations so they are laid out flat or strapped to your hand without grip for those that may need the assistance. Last, but not least, they can make musical learning fun and engaging. You can teach melodies, chords, and harmonies... all by color (check out our blog post about Color in the Classroom for more info!).

Let your kids explore and get creative. Let your students mold and form masterpieces. Allow your clients to express in an easy, simplistic way. Moral of the story, if you're looking for an activity for a rainy day or needing to come up with a session last minute... Make it a Boomwhacker kind of day! Let us know what you like to do with Boomwhackers in the comments below!

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