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Muzique Creative Arts Summer Camp!


Looking for something for your child to do during the short break between the regular school year and the extended school year? Hoping for a bit of a break for mom and dad as well? Well Muzique has just the thing for you! Our Muzique Creative Arts Summer Camps are officially here and ready to go! We have 3 fun-filled camps for ages 5-30, each grouped by age and developmental level, so your child will fit right in! The best part about our camp is that there will be sessions run by board-certified creative arts therapists every day! Your camper will work on social skills, emotional skills, academic skills, life skills, motor skills, and so much more! 

This is Muzique's first ever summer camp and we are so excited to share with you all of the benefits of sending your child to camp, regardless of abilities. Here are just a few:

1. Socialization- In a camp setting, there are group activities throughout the day to encourage socialization and peer communication during all of our activities.

2. Peer mentoring and mirroring- When children are with other children of different ages and abilities, it often encourages them to try harder to overcome obstacles. Children excel and improve in many ways when having other peers to mirror and look up to.

3. Independence- Camp allows children to be more independent in exploring and learning about their surrounds. Unlike school, camp usually has a bit of a lose schedule, which allows for growth, curiosity and independence.

4. Safe, Summer Fun!- Camp allows campers to be free spirited and enjoy themselves without the pressures of school work, homework or any other expectations. Most camps are just plain fun, and that's what we aim to do, too!

Summer Camp is an amazing opportunity to make new friends and allow children to express themselves. And what better way to allow your camper to express themselves than through the creative arts? Interested in learning more about Muzique Creative Arts Summer Camp? Go to to see what is all about and get registered before spots fill up! This is our first camp and spots are limited, so act fast!

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