Pin it to Win it!


Do you have a pinterest page for personal use? How about for your business? Pinterest is one of those things that can suck you in and take up all your time. It can be an awful app where you waste valuable time just scrolling mindlessly. Hours can fly by and you don't even know it. But here's the trick: MAKE IT USEFUL! I personally use Pinterest for both work and personal use. Muzique has a Pinterest page that is full of ideas for therapists, parents, students and teachers, which is easily accessible. Again, Pinterest can become quite the time waster, but with the right helpful hints, you can make your pinterest page top notch:

1. Organize it!- The key to getting your page to be more useful to others is to have it organized. For instance, we do not just have a page called "Music Therapy", we have separate boards for each holiday, population, season, etc. This makes your Pinterest Page easily searchable and easy to navigate, not just for others but for yourself too!

2. "The Mullet" Pinterest page- Business in the front, party in the back! Many people try to balance two separate Pinterest pages. The trick to making sure you never miss a good pin is this: Create a business pinterest page and make everything for your business public for everyone to see. Then create boards for your personal use and make them private. This way you only have to sign into one account and youll never miss out on a good pin!

3. Declutter- We've all been there. Pinning every single thing we pass while scrolling. Have you gone back and thought, "Well that was not useful!" or "Why in the world did I pin that?"? Well set aside some time to declutter, delete and get rid of those useless, odd-ball pins.

Here is your challenge: Take this week to organize and declutter, and also if you're going back and forth between a personal and business Pinterest, get a Mullet Pinterest Page going! Comment below when you've gotten organized and we will make sure to follow you!

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