What are the Creative Arts anyways?

Ever gone to a niece or cousin’s dance recital? Have you been to a children’s show or a Broadway performance? Finger painted when you were a kid? Sang in the shower (no one can say they haven’t done this…)? THEN YOU’VE ALREADY EXPERIENCED THE ARTS! Everyone has had some run-in with creative arts in some way, shape or form… and it has had an impact on your life, whether you know it or not.

“We share the importance of the arts, not only in society but also in building one’s self-esteem. And the kids really grasp that: They’re confident and proud of themselves and share art with the people in their lives.” ~ Agnes Gund, founder of Studio in a School. This quote is the perfect example of how the arts can affect a child’s confidence and ego. Performing, showcasing or exhibiting hardwork and efforts in childhood can obviously increase a child’s confidence and even independence. The arts can help us to express our emotions more fluidly and communicate better with others. “The arts are a critical component of healthcare. Expressive art is a tool to explore, develop and practice creativity as a means to wellness.” ~ Wellarts Association.

Creative arts as recreation has been around for centuries upon centuries. Ancient cultural dancing, Shakespearean Theater, Egyptian hieroglyphics and murals, prehistoric bone-carved flutes. All example of creative arts for entertainment. So this is nothing new to anyone. But creative arts as therapy…? Now that’s something new! Well, newer at least. “The earliest known reference to music therapy appeared in 1789 in an unsigned article in Columbian Magazine titled ‘Music Physically Considered’.” (American Music Therapy Association). Creative arts therapies use music, dance, art and drama to accomplish non-creative arts goals, i.e. improving gross motor functioning, improving speech, decreasing behaviors, etc. “The medical profession has come a long way in recognizing the healing benefits of art. My hope is that someday the arts will be considered as significant in everyone’s lives as breathing fresh air, eating clean foods, and performing physical exercise.” ~ Renée Phillips

Here at Muzique, we offer music, dance, drama and art, all therapeutic and recreational for anyone and everyone. Basically this means we offer lessons and therapy for all ages. We believe, as much as those quoted in the above, that the Creative Arts can have long-lasting effects on children and even their families. That’s why we at Muzique are so passionate about providing Creative Arts experiences in communities and bringing the experiences right into your home!

So do yourself a favor. Check out your community resources and get your child (and even yourself) involved in some form of creative arts! And even better, if you’re in the South Jersey/Phildelphia area, check out what we here at Muzique have to offer at https://www.muzique.org/experiences! Either way, get it done! Allow you and your family to experience the arts in your own way! Let us know in the comments below if there are any specific classes or activities you are looking to see in the future!

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