Join Muzique for a 3-Day Creative Arts Summer Camp for ages 12-17 in Woodbury, NJ. Our camps are created specifically for those with special needs!


Each day will be filled with music, art, dance and drama groups, run by board-certified creative arts therapists!

Camps are divided by age groups and are each 3 days long and run from 9am-1pm, before and after care being offered from 7am-9am and 1pm-3pm each day for an additional fee and a social lunchtime from 11:30-12:15 each day (parents must provide lunch). The dates for camp are as follows:

Ages 12-17: June 26, 27, & 28


LOCATION: Resonance School of Music- 3 S. Broad St, Suite 1, Woodbury, NJ 08096

Camp is $200 for all 3 days! This includes one session each day provided exclusively by either a music therapist, a dance therapist or an art therapist as well as crafts each day and take home activities! Before and after care are separate from the camp fee (see below for pricing).

Your child will experience the creative arts in this 3-day camp through music, movement, and artistic expression. We will work on general goals such as social skills, life skills, speech, movement, developmental, emotional, and even some academic skills as well. All of the goals will be appropriate for the age group of the camp and will vary day to day.



1. Our camps are strategically placed in the short summer break between the school year and most Extended School Year programs.

2. Our camps are run and monitored fully by board-certfied creative arts therapists along with some extra helpful hands.

3. Muzique Creative Arts Summer Camps are for a wide range of ages and each camp is grouped for developmentally and socially appropriate goals and objectives throughout the 3-Days.

4. Our camps provide all of the creative arts in one place! Each day we will incorporate music, art, dance and drama into our daily schedule and a creative arts therapist will join us each day for a special session!

5. Our camp is a combination of fun and therapeutic! We will work on general developmental, social, emotional, educational, speech, movement, and life skills goals.

A Few Things You Should Know Before Registering!

1. Children will be supervised at all times. A board-certified creative arts therapist will be there for the entirety of the day, including before and after care, as well as some extra helpful hands!

2. If your camper needs more care than we can provide (we have a 3 campers to 1 adult ratio) for behavioral or medical reasons, please make sure that someone accompanies your child to camp, such as a nurse, babysitter, behavioral tech, parents, etc. We are not able to personally handle any medical needs such as feeding tubes, shots, oxygen, etc. All medical needs besides those administered by the camper themselves must be done by a parent/guardian or someone who is knowledgeable about what the camper needs. If there are any medical documents we may need, please email them to

3. Our camp will run from 9am-1pm each of the 3 days. DROP OFF AND PICK UP MUST BE NO EARLIER THAN 8:45 AND DROP OFF MUST BE NO LATER THAN 3! Before and after care will be offered each day from 7am-9am and then again from 1pm-3pm. The cost of before care is $20/day and aftercare is $20/day. If you are signing up for all three days of either before or after care, it is only $50 for all three days of either before or after care, individually.

4. Of course we are working on goals throughout this camp, but we will also be having fun! One of our main goals is socialization, which includes laughing with others, smiling with others and emotionally responding to events around us. The arts provide a space for your camper to express themselves and explore their emotions. We want them to feel comfortable and able to be themselves! We hope they will make some new friends and grow in their 3 days with us!

5. Get registered soon! This is Muzique's first ever summer camp experience, so spaces are limited. Please register as soon as possible so we can secure your spot!




Please fill out the form below to get your camper registered! We will send you a confirmation email verifying that your camper is all signed up and ready to go!

Camper's Name *
Camper's Name
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Camper's Birthdate
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Cell Phone Number (Also Emergency Number) *
Cell Phone Number (Also Emergency Number)
Please let us know of any important likes and dislikes including music, sensory, fears, rewards, etc. that would help us get to know your camper better!
Does your camper seak independently? Do they have a device? Let us know how the communicate!
Please select the camp that your child will be attending:
Do you need before care? *
Will you need to drop off your child before 8:45AM on camp mornings? ($20/day or $50 for all 3 days)
Do you need after care? *
Will you need to pick your camper up after 1pm (no later than 3pm!) on camp days? ($20/day or $50 for all 3 days)
I choose to receive therapy services through the Muzique and will be responsible for any charges. I have been made aware that Muzique is a cash based practice and I am paying out of pocket. This means that we do not work directly with insurance companies or DDD companies under any circumstances. I will be charged a one time fee of $200 for camp and for any additional services requested, such as before or after care once this application is submitted. Cancellation before May 15th: 50% refund Cancellation before June 1st: 25% refund Cancellation after June 1st: NO REFUND A wating list will be created once camp is full. We will notify you if this occurs and you will not be charged unless further notified.
Name on Credit Card *
Name on Credit Card
Expiration Date *
Expiration Date
POLICY: It shall be the policy of Muzique to abide by the following: All patients, or parents or guardians of patients, shall telephone to cancel and reschedule appointments when the patient may have one or more symptoms of a contagious disease. This will aid in the protection of the health of the staff, other patients, and family members. Symptoms: Fever >100 degrees F Vomiting / Nausea Open / Draining Lesion Lice Chicken Pox Measles Productive cough Impetigo Conjunctivitis / pink eye Strep Throat Diarrhea Any Other Contagious Disease Not Listed I agree to abide by the above stated policy:
I have informed myself of the policies, procedures and methods instilled by Muzique, LLC, and consent to the use thereof in providing treatment for/lessons to my child. I consent for Muzique, LLC, to provide me with music therapy services. I acknowledge that there is always a risk of injury with any therapy involving physical activities. I agree to accept full responsibility for any physical injuries, and agree to take initiative in communicating any physical or emotional discomfort to the therapist immediately. I consent to care and treatment falling under the practice guidelines of the experience I have chosen to receive. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to inform my child's primary care physician of my child’s participation in the Muzique experience(s) I have chosen, if necessary. I voluntarily request that Muzique, LLC provide therapy for/lessons to my child. I understand that Muzique, LLC wishes to take reasonable steps to maintain the safety and wellbeing of its participants, therapist and all involved. I confirm that I have disclosed all medical conditions of my child that may be affected in any way by the treatment. I acknowledge that I am responsible for updating this release if the medical condition of my child changes. I acknowledge that I have been given the opportunity to ask questions, if any, concerning the nature and scope of this agreement. I have read the entire agreement and agree to it.
Photo / Video Release *
Muzique will be taking photos of our campers throughout the week. Muzique also has a web site that is used for promotion and education. Below is permission or a decline for Muzique to use these photos/videos for educational purposes and legal promotion of the clinic. CHECK ONLY ONE BOX BELOW!
I understand and agree to the following: 1. Campers can be dropped off between 8:45AM and 9:00AM, and must be picked up by 3:00PM. If you forsee a problem, please sign up for before or aftercare! 2. Parents must provide lunch for your campers. We will have a designated social lunchtime where we will encourage conversation and socialization! 3. Any children with medical or severe behavioral concerns must be accompanied by an adult. Please let us know if this is the case ahead of time so we can plan accordingly! If there are any medical documents we may need, please email them to 4. Before care drop off is no earlier than 7am and after care pick up is no later than 3pm. AN ADDITIONAL FEE WILL BE CHARGED IF YOU ARE LATE FOR PICK UP SO PLEASE BE ON TIME!

Thank you for registering for Muzique Creative Arts Summer Camp!

As camp dates get closer, you will receive more information regarding camp as well as reminders!

We can't wait to see you at camp!