What does Muzique offer?

Muzique offers creative arts experiences to all ages and abilities, including music, art, dance and drama in the forms of therapy and lessons! We provide services right to you in your home or center, or in our studio in Woodbury, NJ through Muzique@Resonance. The choice is yours! We pair you with a board-certified creative arts therapist or a professional music instructor in your area that suits your specific needs best!

What makes Muzique unique?

Not only do we offer top-of-the-line creative arts experiences for our clients, residents and students as well as the chance for in-home sessions, but we also provide the opportunity for therapists and instructors to increase their personal client base and income by joining our team. Our goal is to provide opportunities for clients, students, therapists and instructors to grow and develop through and alongside Muzique!

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What are Creative Arts?

Creative Arts Expression refers to participation in a range of activities that allow for creative and imaginative expression, such as music, art, creative movement, and drama. The creative arts engage children's minds, bodies, and senses. Absolutely no creative art skills are necessary to participate in creative arts therapies. The focus of these therapies is on the process!

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is the use of music by a Board-Certified Music Therapist to accomplish therapeutic, non-musical goals. Translation: A board-certified Music Therapist uses music to work towards goals that may also be worked on it occupational, speech and physical therapy, such as motor skills, language skills, social skills, life skills and so much more! Since music is a source of motivation for most, music therapy is a space where the client can engage more willingly in accomplishing his or her therapeutic goals.

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What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by the art therapist, use art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to explore their feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem. Using the creative process as a tool and guide, the therapist works to help clients gain a better understanding of themselves and enhance their personal sense of well-being. The artistic process can help individuals increase self-esteem, enhance their degree of self-awareness, recognize patterns, and develop their potential for living a personally satisfying life. 

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What is Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance movement therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process which furthers the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration of the individual. The dance/movement therapist focuses on movement behavior as it emerges in the therapeutic relationship. Expressive, communicative, and adaptive behaviors are all considered for both group, individual, couples, & family treatment. Body movement simultaneously provides the means of assessment and the mode of intervention. 

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What is Drama Therapy?

Drama therapy is the intentional use of drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals. Drama therapy is active and experiential. This approach can provide the context for participants to tell their stories, set goals and solve problems, express feelings, or achieve catharsis. Through drama, the depth and breadth of inner experience can be actively explored and interpersonal relationship skills can be enhanced. Participants can expand their repertoire of dramatic roles to find that their own life roles have been strengthened.


Muzique offers in-home or in-studio music, dance and art therapy! These services are available to all ages and abilities, including children, seniors, children and adults with special needs and abilities, and any other individual or group who may be in need of growth through the arts! Muzique experiences are unique because they are for anyone and everyone. We call our services experiences because that is exactly what they are... EXPERIENCES! Each experience can be for children or adults. Special abilities or neurotypical. Groups or individuals. Want to check out our experiences?

What we offer:

Music Therapy

Adapted Music Lessons

Art Therapy

Dance Therapy

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Muzique Woodbury


Muzique has a studio in Woodbury, NJ (Inside Resonance School of Music). If you are within driving distance to our Woodbury studio, we encourage you to opt for in-studio therapy sessions or adapted lessons instead of in-home sessions. Our studio offers focused, secluded space for individual therapies, assessments and so much more! We have an array of instruments and art tools and utensils that your loved one would have access to every session!

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Muzique's board-certified therapists run classes that encourage individual growth, social interaction, motor skill improvement, speech and language improvement and so much more!

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Upon enrollment and receipt of this session/lesson policy, the student and/or parent/guardian must agree to these terms and understand fully all rules in our studio.  


Punctuality & Attendance

It is very important for students to arrive on time for their scheduled lesson/session. Consistent attendance is vital to success and progression. Sessions and lessons will end at scheduled time, regardless of when they begin. With this in mind, please attend all scheduled lessons/sessions on time and consistently.


Tuition & Payment

Muzique offers several different options for your loved ones. Those options are listed below and for more information, including pricing, please contact us.

-Music Therapy 45-Minute Session

-Art Therapy 45-Minute Session

-Dance Therapy 45-Minute Session

-Adapted Music Lessons 30-Minute or 60-Minute

Tuition is automatically charged on the first of every month. Tuition costs for each offering can be found upon request, as our prices may change or differ. Our price stays the same per month, even with 5 weeks in a month. With tuition, we are essentially providing each of you with about 4 free lessons a year, if attendance is consistent and make ups are not required. There will be a $20.00 charge added to all returned checks/bounced charges. In order to withdraw from our program, we must be notified we must be notified by 2 weeks in advance in order for you to not be charged for the next month and for therapeutic purposes to provide both client and therapist with proper closure. All sessions and lessons with be continuous unless otherwise notified. If enrolled in therapy, please understand that treatment will be ongoing, with a reassessment given only when requested by the parent or case manager, or if the therapist sees fit.



We require a 24-hour minimum cancellation notice in order for you to be considered for rescheduling. 24-hour cancellation rescheduling is fully at the discretion of the therapist or instructor and is dependent upon the schedule of the therapist or instructor, unless 2+ weeks notice is given, i.e. scheduled vacation. To cancel a session, you need to call YOUR INSTRUCTOR OR THERAPIST and they will then relay the message to Muzique management, noting the time of your call. If 24-hour notice is not given, the student forfeits the lesson, and will be charged. Cancelling or missing a lesson does not reduce or delay payment. No-shows will not be made up under any circumstances. If the instructor/therapist has to cancel a lesson, a make-up will be given within a month of the therapist/instructor's cancellation. There will be no prorating or price adjustment under any circumstances, unless decided by Muzique management in very specific situations. 



A same-day excused absence is illness of the student or an extreme family emergency. For families with more than one student, only the student who is ill will be excused. Should school be closed, sessions will likely still happen. If there is any doubt, please call your therapist/instructor ahead to verify. Students are required to give two-week notice when they take a vacation. All planned absences should be reported to the instructor or therapist. THERE ARE NO MAKE-UPS FOR GROUPS. If a group/class does not have coverage in the absence of a therapist/instructor and the class/group must be cancelled, a credit will be added to your account.



Make-ups will be arranged if the therapist’s time and space permit; however, the instructor is not obligated. All make-ups must be done within one month of the absence. Make ups will be provided on first come first serve basis. This is why we already give students 4 free lessons a year.   There are no “make-ups of make-ups”. If the student misses the make-up lesson, the lesson is forfeited. No refunds will be issued for student’s absences; however, a credit will be issued for a teacher absence if the teacher is unable to schedule a make-up on his or her end. Our goal with your tuition is to provide at least 4 sessions within the month. Anything additional is just a bonus for you! Please keep in mind that make-ups are for therapeutic or practical reasons, not for monetary reasons. Make-ups need to be scheduled at the time of cancellation for a date within a reasonable time frame from the absence. Any questions regarding this, please call Muzique.


Termination & Refunds

Although rescheduling is provided (as stated above), credits or refunds are not given for missed lessons.  If the student decides to discontinue lessons prior to the completion of the month, no refunds will be given for lessons not taken.   


PRACTICE (for lessons)!!!!  

Daily practice is essential to learning any instrument. The family will need to establish a daily routine for the student that includes practice. At each lesson, the teacher will clearly explain the student's practicing assignments for that week. The teacher will notate the practice assignments. The student is expected to complete the assignments by the next lesson. Parental help may be required if the student is too young to read.     



All students MUST follow all rules of etiquette while on our premises:

1. Treat Everyone; Students, Teachers, Guests, etc. with only the utmost respect.

2. Clean up any trash you bring into the building. Trash bins are located in the art studio, and bathroom. Please no eating in the studios.

3. Take care of all equipment in lobby or in studio space.

4. This space does not belong to Muzique so please treat it as a whole with respect so we can continue to use it!

5. Have FUN! The arts are all about expressing and finding yourself through exploration, whether structured or improved. So make sure you and your family remember to have fun!


The mission of Muzique is to provide unique music and arts experiences for anyone and everyone! We aim to serve the community in all different ways including, music, art, drama, and dance. These services will be offered for children and adults, both neurotypical and special needs, in many different forms including therapy, recreational groups, individual services, and performance-based services. This program will help to bring the community together and provide a safe space for children and adults to explore the beauty of the arts.

Muzique’s personnel strive to maintain optimal standards of professional practice and exercise professional judgment in the delivery of quality service to each individual served. The personnel adhere to and support the mission, purpose, philosophy, and adopt the Code of Ethics of each profession providing service.

• Muzique will abide by the letter and spirit and spirit of the laws and regulations of the local community, the state and federal governments, with regard to all of its operations.
• The Clinic will be managed to provide the highest level of service to both patients and participating medical professionals.
• The Clinic acknowledges the intrinsic value of the individual, and pledges itself to behave toward each patient, practitioner, and employee in a manner, which honors and promotes his or her dignity and value as a person and special creation of God.
• The Clinic will manage its affairs and resources to ensure a fair and reasonable return to its investors, high value to its clientele, and fair and honorable treatment of its employees and suppliers.
• The Clinic will not discriminate in its treatment of any person or group of persons, on the basis of race, gender, national origin, or religious affiliation.

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