FAQs About Muzique

Q. Where is Muzique located?

A. Muzique is primarily in-home based which basically means we come right to you, basically no matter where you are! We will do our best to find a therapist/instructor closest to your home and connect you with them! Muzique’s home base, and private studio, is located in Woodbury, NJ inside Resonance School of Music. Here we offer individual music, art and dance therapy as well as individual adapted lessons!


Q. How do I sign up?

A. Signing up is easy! All you have to do is click here! Once we receive your information, we will give you a call and get you started with your experiences!


Q. How much do Muzique's experiences cost?

A. You can view all of our pricing in our policies which can be found towards the bottom of the page here. Don't forget to ask about any discounts or specials we may be running!


Q. I can't afford therapy experiences right now. Is there anyway to find funding?

A. Absolutely! Many of our clients reach out to their case managers, districts or township and explain that they are seeking funding for creative arts therapies and are looking for assistance. They may direct you to a funding source or they may even have grants available! Never hurts to ask for help! We also work individually with DDD or Performcare. Just contact us to find out how to inquire about having your services covered!


Q. What make Muzique different from other music therapy or creative arts providers?

A. Great question! Muzique was founded to not only provide above average experiences for clients and students, but also to provide an opportunity for other therapists and instructors to grow their client base and income. We do not hire full time staff, but contract with as many therapists and instructors as we can to provide more people with opportunity in a time when the job market is not great for the creative arts. We provide in-home or in-studio experiences and whichever you choose is up to you!


Q. What does Muzique offer?

A. Muzique currently offers music lessons, music therapy, art therapy, and dance therapy either in-home or in our studio in Woodbury, NJ! (Please contact us to see what we offer in your specific geographical area.)

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